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The Best Way to Start Your Freelance Business

By Send That Invoice on February 3rd, 2019
A freelancing woman holding a mug that says, "Like a boss."

Everyone wants to be financially independent and the best way to achieve this is by starting your own business based off of a passion of yours. While businesses can provide high return, starting one up is actually quite hard to do.

So, the question is: what is the best way to start your freelance business? There are many options. You can start by buying out a business or you can start from scratch. Starting from scratching is the method that is most financially viable for most people starting out which is why you need to know how to start your freelance business in the right way.

  1. Find Your Niche and Set Up Your Business Plan

Before you can start your business, you need to focus down your business into at max, three of your favorite things. Even then, focusing your business on three topics may be stretching it too far. A business that focuses on one niche initially is the best way to go. From here, as success builds up, you can branch out into other areas of interest.

Then, after you’ve found the topic you’re most interested in, build a business plan. Find what you need to do in order to start out fast. The most common things you’ll want to do is build a website that can display your services or your content.

You’ll also need to map out what supplies you need and the steps you’ll have to take to obtain these supplies. Overall, mapping out your business plan makes things much less hectic and gives you a clear path of where you need to go.

Some things that are necessary, especially when it comes to freelance, are as follows:

  1. Building a portfolio.
  2. Displaying your talents.
  3. Creating a viable means of communication.

Once you find what you want to do and map out how you’re going to do it, it’s time to jump into the market and figure out what exactly is going to set you apart.

  1. Specifying and Researching Your Niche

Once you find your specific niche and have your mapped out business plan, you need to figure out what exactly you’re going to be doing inside that niche. This isn’t as broad as finding a niche. Rather, here are some practices you can incorporate.

  1. Consulting
  2. Providing content
  3. Providing relevant services

For example, if your niche is web design, you can provide relevant services by incorporating your business around website optimization or repair. If your niche is in men’s fashion, you can provide content posting posts on your blog or pictures on your social media platform.

Once you’ve found what you want to do for that niche, do your research. Figure out who your competitors are and see what they’re doing. It’s not immoral to copy the one’s who are thriving in that market.

In fact, I would say go for it when it comes to starting out your business. Only the ones who are doing things right are the ones that thrive and if you’re just starting out, you want a reference point that will keep you anchored from making dumb mistakes.

Once you’ve found the competition you’re facing and know what exactly you want to do in terms of that niche, then you can start finding work that will build your business up. But people aren’t going to pay you starting out which is why you need to make them a deal that they can’t refuse.

  1. Make them a Deal They Can’t Refuse

Once you’ve found your niche and what you’re going to do, you need to get to work. However, you aren’t going to find any clients who want to pay you big bucks until you have a reputation. That being said, you’re going to have to offer free work.

Find people in your market who need your services and offer them a deal they can’t refuse—working for free. Once you’ve finished some clients’ work, you can put their testimonials and your work you did for them inside a portfolio which is either on a website or stored somewhere safely.

A good portfolio will speak for itself and give clients a reason to pay you for their work.

  1. Replicate What Works Well

Once you’ve landed your first paying client, do what works well. This means creating a plan of action and if that plan of action has shown good results, keep using that plan of action to grab new clients and bring in more capital.

For example, if one specific email you’ve written is extremely good at converting clients, why change it? It already provides you the results you want and altering it would only increase your chance of failure.

Of course, you’ll have to tweak and adjust your plan of action according to the market since it’s always changing but essentially, if something is doing well, don’t change it since that could easily break down all the past workings you’ve created.

  1. Conclusion

These are the simple steps to creating the best business you can. Of course, it won’t be as easy as it is listed right here but with hard work and persistence, it’s extremely easy for you to find the success you want in your business.

You’ll find obstacles such as rude clients and internal difficulties but all of these are solvable problems and as long as you keep focusing on moving forward, you’ll find that, as long as you follow these steps, there are results waiting for you.

From here, you can hopefully scale your services into different areas and eventually create an income-creating machine. This is the overall goal for all of us entrepreneurs but only something that the persistent will find.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash