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Starting Your Freelance Business: What You Need to Know

By Send That Invoice on January 14th, 2019
A young brunette woman freelance writing on a table inside a cafeteria or coffee shop.

Starting a freelance business isn’t easy. It takes a large amount of time and an even larger amount of money. Furthermore, the complexity behind starting up your service can be equally as challenging. Thus, you need to know how to start a freelance business before you can jump into the field.

I’ll be giving you five things you need to know before you start your freelance business.

  1. You’re Going to Have to Think Long-Term

Don’t be fooled by what the influencers on social media says. Starting a business, whether it’s by yourself or with a companion, isn’t a glamorous as one would think. While it’s all relative to the niche of your service, it could take anywhere from weeks to months to get the service started up.

Then, from there, it could take another few months at least to break even for the costs. But, if you have a strong business model and you go for the right moves, your business will succeed in the end.

Only the 1% of all businesses created will become successful right away and those have a higher chance of failing in the long run so if you want to make sure your business is successful, buckle up and be ready to think long-term.

  1. Build for Customers, not Money

Remember the saying: “the customer is always right?” That saying pertains to almost every single situation in freelance business. Whatever you’re doing for your customer—whether it’s web design, content creation, or SEO marketing—you want to build a product that they’re not only satisfied with but also happy to use again in the future.

Money is great for the business but consistent payments outweighs any up-front payments you’ll ever get. Freelance business is always about getting the customers and keeping them. You want to hold down these clients and in the end, they’ll provide more return than any other business move you make.

  1. Prepare to Work for Free

Starting out as a freelancer, don’t expect to get good deals just yet. In fact, prepare to work for free at the beginning. Working free ensures a strong portfolio and that’s what clients look for when they want someone’s service.

When working for free, look for clients with experience and presence in their field. These clients will be strong factors for conversion in the future when you’re looking to land your first major deal.

  1. It’s All About the Details

Getting paid for your work is great but none of this is possible before you create a strong base. This can refer to a smooth website that your clients land on or an efficient payment method so that you can get paid for your work on time.

Without a base model that’s intricate, you’re going to find that you’ll have a lot of setbacks. To prevent these potential setbacks, take a look at your service and find every possible way to improve it.

  1. Don’t Rely On One Client

As you expand your freelance business, you’re going to have several clients you work for. Each of these clients will be responsible for paying a portion of your income. One mistake so many freelancers make is putting more than 20% of their income onto one client.

A client isn’t solid, no matter how strong the relationship. You can lose a client with a snap of a finger and if you’ve invested a large portion of your income into that client, you’re essentially back at step one only this time the risks are higher.

Thus, by putting your money into several different clients, losing one client won’t harm your business since you’ll have a few more to cushion out the loss.


While freelance may be tough to get into, it’s exciting and an awesome venture you’ll never forget! Following these concepts will provide success for your business in the future. Happy client hunting!

Photo by Wenni Zhou on Unsplash